Dr Chen Jer-Ming, Science Pillar, Singapore University for Technology and Design

Dr Emily Guo, Rehabilitation Medicine, National University Hospital, S

In the Singapore context, factors influencing speech sound development in young children are still not clearly understood, thereby limiting suitable smart strategies available for early detection and appropriate remediation. Healthy speech sound development in early childhood is crucial for effective language acquisition. If not addressed early and effectively, speech sound disorders (SSD) negatively impact the child’s learning, literacy and socialization. The team proposes to develop innovative speech-tracking Apps, aimed at:

(1) developing a Singapore children’s Speech Database, and
(2) detecting and classifying (automatically) common speech sound errors to identify causal factors influencing SSD in Singapore children.

Consequently, the team will design appropriate interactive game based speech-training Apps to support traditional speech therapy and quantify the efficacy of such “smart” interventions. The research would contribute to the first database of normal and disordered speech sounds in Singapore children to be established, which could be relevant for other research, new technology developed (screening and speech training app) and enhancement of strategies by language/speech therapisst to address underlying factors in SSD.

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