An Anchor in the Storm

A collaboration between Temasek Foundation and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), the Anchor programme was launched in 2019 to provide holistic support and coordination of care for children (and their caregivers) from vulnerable families who have been exposed to challenging circumstances or traumatic events.

Challenging events experienced in early childhood – especially in the first three years – can adversely affect cognitive development, behaviour and emotions, and consequently health, in adulthood.

The three-year programme will directly benefit 120 at-risk children aged up to three years old.

Under the programme, the Anchor team will conduct regular assessments of at-risk children as well as the primary caregiver’s mental health and overall well-being in order to identify their needs. Each child will receive a tailored care plan that includes home visitations by a Community Health Visitor. These health workers are supported by doctors, psychologists and medical social workers.

The ANCHOR programme has three components: assessment and coordination, home visitations and training of persons working with at-risk children.

Holistic evaluation of child and family allows needs to be identified early and information gathered is shared with relevant community agencies to enable timely, coordinated support. In addition, Community Health Visitors conduct home visits to follow up on children from vulnerable families and to impart appropriate strategies to parents and caregivers on caring for the child.

Besides supporting families, the Anchor programme also equips community agencies with knowledge in child development and trauma management for young children.

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