Temasek Foundation

The OSCAR fund by Temasek Foundation aims to help communities uplift the vulnerable and foster an environment of care through ground-up, self-help philanthropic initiatives by citizens and residents. This is an extension and expansion of the original Oscar@Sg Fund previously administered by Temasek Trust.

Guided by Three Thrusts:

Helping the vulnerable through pandemics

Initiatives to uplift the vulnerable and address social gaps

Encouraging citizen philanthropy

Ground-up efforts by citizens and residents to do good

Supporting promising new philanthropic ideas

Innovative ways to address community needs

OSCAR Values


We support initiatives that demonstrate ownership from grantees who have the drive and commitment to see their projects through.


We appreciate initiatives that champion social and community causes  with sustained impact.


We value initiatives that are borne out of care towards the vulnerable in our community.


We encourage initiatives that give confidence and assurance to the beneficiaries and the general public that we can create meaningful social impact by doing good together.


We help initiatives that unite our communities and build a more resilient Singapore.

Project Submission Qualifying Criteria


Project is a ground-up initiative that addresses community needs within the three Oscar fund thrusts.


Project meets a critical gap in the community, and aims to deliver meaningful social impact.


Project trials new approaches or solutions, or builds on existing ones to serve a wider community.


Project has a feasible implementation plan, with adequate risk considerations.


Project has to commence within 30 days and be implemented within 6 months from the date of acceptance of the grant, with plans to be sustainable beyond project completion.

Grant Eligibility

Any individual or groups of individuals

Newly-registered non-profit organisations (less than 3 years)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the conditions of the grant?

A: Projects should commence within 30 days and be completed within 6 months from date of approval. Grantees are required to submit a Project Completion report with proof of expenditure (e.g. invoices and receipts) within 2 weeks of the date of completion of the project.

Q: How much funding can I expect from the fund if my initiative is supported?

A: If your application is approved, the funding support that you can expect is:

  • Direct Sponsorship: up to lower of 80 per cent of qualifying project costs or S$5,000; and
  • Further “dollar-for-dollar” matching with other funding sources: up to S$50,000 (or until project costs are covered), with provision to increase up to S$100,000 in exceptional cases.

Q: Can my project receive other sources of funding in addition to the OSCAR fund concurrently?

A: Grantees of the fund may receive funding from third parties or from their own sourcing. The OSCAR fund will provide a “dollar-for-dollar” matching of other funding sources of up to S$50,000 (or until project costs are covered), with provision to increase up to S$100,000 in exceptional cases.

Q: What expenses can be supported under the OSCAR fund?

A: Generally, the grant may only be used for direct costs in connection with the project such as the cost of purchase of goods and services for beneficiaries, rental fees for use of venue (not exceeding 6 months), logistics, materials and transport costs.

The grant may not be used for manpower costs (e.g. salaries/self-remuneration), rental fees for use of venue (exceeding 6 months), recurring expenses (e.g. office rental, telephone and utility bills), personal expenses of volunteers (e.g. transport, meals, and accommodation), purchase of assets, gift vouchers, cash distribution or any mark-up of expenditure (unless otherwise agreed).

Any part of the grant which is unused at the end of the project must be returned to the grantor within 2 weeks of the date of completion of the project.

Q: How long do applications take to be processed?

A: We aim to communicate the outcome of your application within 45 business days of receiving a satisfactorily completed application form from you. An email notification will be sent to you when the application result is finalised.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

Please email [email protected] and we will be in touch with you.