AIR+ Smart Masks and AIR+ Micro Ventilators for Vulnerable Children


ST Engineering, Singapore Post

AIR+ Smart Masks and AIR+ Micro Ventilators were distributed to more than 13,000 vulnerable children to help build the resilience of the Singapore community to cope with emergencies.

These children aged 7 to 14, were from low-income families or residing in children's Homes. The masks and micro ventilators were intended to provide these children with an initial supply of suitable masks for use during emergencies such as severe haze or flu pandemic.

The AIR+ Smart Mask is the first N95 class mask in the market that comes in sizes that fit the whole family, with the smaller sizes designed to fit children aged 7 years old and above. The AIR+ Micro Ventilator is an added feature and can be attached to the Smart Mask to help the wearer to breathe more easily by keeping the mask dry, cool and fresh.