ARISE (Able and Ready through Intensive Support for English)


KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), Ministry of Education (MOE)

Currently, a small number of children enter mainstream schools in Singapore with weak English language and literacy skills. This initiative will assess whether coaching teachers/educators to apply strategies based on language therapy approaches usually used in hospitals can bring about significant progress in these children.

Under ARISE, KKH and MOE will develop and equip teachers/ educators to deliver a school-based language and literacy intervention. Evidence-based strategies for children with language and literacy delay will be incorporated into a classroom-based pedagogy that includes:
- An assessment tool to evaluate the child's oral language skills and monitor his/her progress
- Language intervention to improve oral language domains such as phonology, semantics and discourse
- Coaching and mentoring techniques to equip educators with skills to support children in their language and literacy development

Each child will undergo 18 weeks of intervention carried out by teachers/ educators under the supervision of KKH. Children assessed to have severe language delays will be referred for hospital-based language intervention.