CAN (Caring Assistance from Neighbours)


Agency for Integrated Care

Under the CAN pilot programme, trained community caregivers visited elderly who lived alone at home to monitor their health and provide assistance on a daily basis. They assisted the elderly to understand their illnesses, reminded them to take their medication and measured key health indicators. The daily monitoring helped to pick up changes in health earlier and resulted in more timely medical intervention. Such an approach to chronic disease management also strengthened the neighbourhood support system and allowed more elderly to age in place.

The pilot programme targeted two districts in the Taman Jurong and Bukit Merah areas. A network of community caregivers provided the following services:
- ensuring medicine was taken correctly and on time
- measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, weight as needed
- assistance with medical and therapy appointments
- befriending and connecting seniors to appropriate services required

These community caregivers were supervised by trained registered nurses and case managers at neighbourhood Senior Activity Centres.