Institute of Technical Education (ITE), National Council of Social Service, AWWA Ltd, TOUCH Community Services and YMCA of Singapore

This pilot programme sought to meaningfully engage ITE youths in school and in the community through a Service Learning approach.

The goals of ELEVATE were to engage, equip and empower ITE students in community service so that they can complete their education, contribute back to the community and enhance prospects for employment or further education.

Under ELEVATE, selected first-year students from the three ITE Colleges were paired with a Social Service organisation. The programme comprised two key components:

1. Service Learning
Using the skills they learnt at ITE, youths worked in teams to develop community projects by identifying needs and implementing solutions. They learned about social responsibility from helping those in need.

2. Mentoring and Coaching
Social service professionals guided the students in the design and execution of their project. Through the rapport and bonding with the students, they had opportunities to provide mentoring support to these youths when necessary.