EQUAL (Equine-Assisted Learning) Programme for Spectra Secondary School


Spectra Secondary School

An equine therapy programme run by Equal Ark Singapore, EQUAL (EQUine-Assisted Learning) sought to equip vulnerable youths with social, communication and life skills. As some Spectra students required help in building self-esteem and confidence, and socialising with peers. EQUAL helped them develop greater confidence and emotional maturity.

The EQUAL curriculum comprised four main components:
- Horsemanship: undertaking of tasks such as cleaning the stables or grooming the horses that required the cooperation of the horses. These activities were designed to build up students' confidence, communication skills and impulse control.
- Horse Play: participation in activities that required students to communicate with the horses using non-verbal cues. Organised around groups, these activities also helped build negotiation, teamwork and conflict management skills.
- Horse Riding: Riding lessons to help students overcome the fear of failure, learn perseverance and build up confidence.
- Interactive Vaulting: Tasks performed on and around the horses to foster teamwork/ confidence, teach respect for the horse and encourage social interaction.