Employment Support Services for Graduates of Metta School


Metta Welfare Association

Established in 2001, Metta School offers special education to children aged between 7 and 18 who are diagnosed with mild intellectual disability and/or mild autism spectrum disorders. Under the Metta-ITE Skills Certification (ISC) two-year programme, ITE-certified vocational courses in baking, food preparation and housekeeping were offered to eligible students aged 17 and above.

However, some of the graduates were unable to sustain their employment due to a variety of reasons, such as lack of social skills, inability to adjust to the workplace, negative influences, etc. These graduates needed help to cope with workplace challenges and training to upgrade their skills. Unemployed graduates also needed help with job placements.

The programme provided employment support services and helped Metta graduates with job placement, counselling, and skills upgrading. A team of counsellors and job placement officers tracked their progress for 5 years with the goal of helping them to secure and sustain open employment.