IMPACTT (Involving and Motivating Parents & Caregivers Through Training)


KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)

The IMPACTT programme trained parents to manage difficult behaviour in their child with developmental needs such as delays in cognitive, speech, communication and social development.

Families received training in Signposts, a parenting programme designed by the Parenting Research Centre of Australia for families with children in the 3 to 15 years age group. Temasek Foundation provided seed funding to make the programme affordable to needy families, establish the effectiveness of the programme model and adapt it to suit the local context.

Findings from IMPACTT’s outcomes and effectiveness had shown that parents felt less stress and more empowered after completing the training. They also reported better behaviour and developmental outcomes in their children.

With the success of the programme, KKH subsequently translated IMPACTT training materials into the major languages of Singapore to reach out to more parents.