Improving Mobility Via Exoskeletons (iMOVE) Programme


National University Hospital, NTUC Health, St Luke’s ElderCare, St Luke’s Hospital, Stroke Support Station

A patient who has had a major stroke goes through a long journey of rehabilitation and recovery. Many patients find the process daunting, especially the elderly. Without rehabilitation, patients’ physical abilities deteriorate and they may become more frail.

Temasek Foundation is supporting the first clinical study on the use of bionic exoskeletons in rehabilitation to improve patient mobility. the iMOVE programme will study patient outcomes and assess the viability, sustainability and potential for scaling up the use of exoskeletons across the continuum of rehabilitation care to improve mobility and independence in patients, especially the elderly who are suffering from stroke, spinal cord injuries and other causes of physical disabilities.

The programme is piloted at five rehabilitation settings:
1. Transitional Rehabilitation Ward: Operated by NUH at Alexandra campus
2. Community-based Inpatient and Day Rehabilitation Centre: By St Luke’s Hospital
3. Nursing Home: By NTUC Health
4. Senior Care Centre: By St Luke’s Eldercare
5. Community-based Stroke Support and Activity Group: By Stroke Support Station