Moving Generations


Cycling Without Age, Senior Activity Centres, Youth communities such as schools, tertiary institutions and sports groups

The Moving Generations programme aimed to promote community engagement for seniors at risk of social isolation as well as inter-generational bonding between elderly passengers and youth pilots. Youths aged 16 to 35 were recruited and trained to be trishaw pilots, and also learned about communication with seniors and understand the seniors’ age-related physical limitations. These trained pilots then gave curated trishaw rides to seniors along Park Connector Network routes and in the neighbourhoods.

The programme brought in 10 e-trishaws custom-built with the following features:
- Safety: trishaws are equipped with seat belts and can travel at a maximum speed of 25km/h. Pilots are trained to cycle at a pace of 10km/h.
- User-friendliness: the vehicles are equipped with an electric pedal assist system and designed for easy access by seniors. Each seats two passengers, allowing a friend, caregiver or family member to accompany the senior.
- Streamlined Body: at 1m wide, the e-trishaw is able to navigate even narrow HDB void decks.