Occupational Therapy for Assumption Pathway School Students with Special Needs


Assumption Pathway School

Occupational therapy can help students with motor, coordination and other sensory skill challenges choose a suitable vocation and improve their functional ability.

The programme aims to provide occupational therapy for Assumption Pathway School students with special needs to help them in their vocational training. It will also help these students choose their vocations and support them. Students with learning needs from each Year 2 cohort of Assumption Pathway School will be selected for the intervention programme and will be supported until they complete their education in Year 4.

The intervention framework comprises:
- An initial assessment in Year 2 to help students select their vocational track for Year 3, and an Individual Education Plan for every student according to their abilities and needs
- Practical training in Years 3 and 4 to equip students to cope with functional challenges in their vocational setting, and to work with employers to support students during the work attachment period