Paediatrics Hospice Care


Assisi Hospice

Children with life-limiting medical conditions like cancer, blood disorders, congenital malformations or organ failures who require regular access to specialised paediatric care and equipment can now turn to an inpatient care service instead of staying in an acute care institution.

The pilot programme sought to address the challenges arising from the broad spectrum of illnesses which require different medical and nursing expertise, as well as the needs of the patient, his family and siblings through a multi-disciplinary team trained in paediatrics care. There was also a higher nurse-to-patient ratio due to the high care needs of these children.

A dedicated paediatric ward was designed to accommodate overnight stays for parent and which includes facilities such as playrooms and a playground to enable young patients and their caregivers to be cared for holistically as a family unit in a home-like environment.

Under the new care model, families also received structured caregiver and bereavement support, including respite services, caregiver burden assessment and education.