Stay Prepared Storybooks for Primary 3 and 4 Students


Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Education

In 2017, the Ministry of Home Affairs produced the first SGSecure storybook for mainstream Primary 3 school students. The storybook shared the key SGSecure messages of “Run, Hide, Tell” and guided students on the right course of action in the event of a terrorist attack.

In 2018, ‘Stay Prepared’ storybooks with enhanced emergency preparedness messages were produced. They complement the specially designed ‘Stay Prepared’ storybooks for students in special education schools produced in 2017.

Two ‘Stay Prepared’ storybooks were developed, each tailored to Primary 3 and 4 students. Through a storytelling approach, the storybooks inform children on what they should do to stay safe and help others in the event of an emergency. ‘Stay Prepared’ messages, such as information on childhood trauma and where to get help, are also included.

At different levels, primary school students will learn different aspects of emergency preparedness:

Primary 3 & 4: “Attack at the Mall” and “The Runaway Car” storybooks

Primary 5 & 6: Basic first aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) concept and fire safety