Support for Students from Dysfunctional Families


Assumption Pathway School

To enhance the ability of the school to help at-risk students holistically, Temasek Foundation supported a social work support programme for students from dysfunctional families. Under the programme, family social workers from the school visited the students in their homes to help them overcome challenges which affected their emotional well-being and attendance in school. Part of their role included assessing the families' needs, counselling, connecting families to available help schemes and follow-up on progress made.

The programme was subsequently enhanced to provide specialised support for students from single-parent families or who suffer from trauma arising from family violence. The school worked with HELP Family Service Centre to provide home-based intervention for single-parent families, and with PAVe (Promoting Alternatives to Violence) to reach out to students who were victims of family violence. PAVe also trained teachers from the school to identify victims of family trauma on how best to support them in the classroom and homes.