T-DOCS (Tele-Dentistry Oral Care for Seniors)


National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS)

Vulnerable seniors with mobility and/or cognitive challenges often face challenges in oral care due to difficulties in carrying out oral care on their own and dependency on their caregivers’ oral care skills and/ or availability to bring them for dental appointments.

With T-DOCS, tele-dentistry incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to provide easier access to oral care services. Selected home care patients and vulnerable seniors at nursing homes will be offered on-site monitoring and detection of their oral conditions.

NDCS will train community healthcare workers in oral health knowledge, oral hygiene for seniors and the provision of oral care through tele-dentistry. Community healthcare workers can capture a senior's real-time oral images for review by a remote NDCS dentist or save them on digital storage for future review. A dentist can carry out a remote assessment within 15 minutes.

Results will be communicated to the community healthcare staff for follow up action.