Agency for Integrated Care

The iCommunity@North pilot programme established a mental health network that provided integrated and person-centred care for people with mental health challenges. Under the programme, community-based integrated social and healthcare services were provided for people with mental health challenges to enable them to remain in the community, with less reliance on hospital or in-patient care.

This integrated network brought together agencies from social services, healthcare and the community to provide services through existing community support systems like senior activity centres, family service centres, wellness centres, general practitioners and hospitals. The services were delivered through teams known as Community Intervention Team (“COMIT”) and Community Resource, Engagement and Support Team (“CREST”).

COMIT provided counselling and therapy support in the community and was led by allied health professionals including nurses, counsellors and medical social workers who served patients with mild with to moderate mental challenges assessed to be capable of living in the community with adequate intervention. CREST provided outreach, education and emotional support to clients and caregivers.