Temasek Foundation champions sustainability and innovative solutions to improve liveability in an abc World of active and productive economies, beautiful and inclusive societies, and a clean and cool earth. Through the Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals, Temasek Foundation funds and supports ideas and innovations for actual application through commercialisation and enterprise, to bring about impactful improvements to the liveability of our world, especially in cities.

We conduct two open Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals annually. These are the innovations that we have supported:
S/No Innovation Description Partner Impact Area
1 Biodegradable plastics Biodegradable polymers to replace single-use plastics such as straws and paper coating for cups and disposable food packaging. RWDC Industries Pte Ltd Waste Management
2 Sustainable food-grade protein production Production of low-cost, alternative protein through the fermentation of microalgae. Sophie’s BioNutrients Pte Ltd Food & Nutrition
3 Cell-based milk Production of milk from stem cells that reduces carbon footprint without compromising on nutrition, taste and quality. TurtleTree Labs Pte Ltd Food & Nutrition
4 ‘N95’ respiratory masks for children New masks with add-on ventilation fan designed for young children. Innosparks Pte Ltd Air & Cooling
5 Vanadium redox flow batteries Renewable energy storage solution suited for grid-scale applications. V-Flow Tech Pte Ltd Energy
6 Rapid molecular diagnostics for Covid-19 Rapid point-of-care SARS-CoV-2 test kits which use molecular switches to detect viral ribonucleic acids. Sunbird Bio Pte Ltd Infectious Disease Management
7 Rapid antigen diagnostics for Covid-19 Rapid point-of-care SARS-CoV-2 test kits by detecting virus specific proteins. Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Infectious Disease Management
8 Community eye screening Optometrist-led chronic eye disease screening for at-risk patients in polyclinics and family medicine clinics. National University of Singapore Public Health
9 Liquid-cooled servers for brownfield data centres Energy efficient liquid-cooling retrofit solution with minimal water usage. CoolestDC Pte Ltd Energy
10 Ion deposition membrane for central cooling Absorbing water from air to reduce energy for cooling. Pte Ltd Energy
11 Low glycemic index flour Slow glucose releasing flour to control blood sugar and improve diet. Hoow Foods Pte Ltd Food & Nutrition
12 Sustainable food packaging Biodegradable packaging box made from food chain by-products to replace plastic food packaging. Alterpacks Pte Ltd Waste Management
13 Rapid microbial detection in food Rapid gold-standard test kit for detecting the presence of food pathogens. Biopsin Pte Ltd Food & Nutrition
14 Biodiversity for dragonfly habitat Establishment of dragonfly habitat and research on its potential against natural pests. Garden City Fund Biodiversity
15 Pollination using mini-drones Large scale automated pollination of fruits and fruited vegetables within indoor farms. Polybee Pte Ltd Food & Nutrition
16 Thermal energy storage Utilising waste energy from chillers for cooling. Natflow Pte Ltd Energy
17 Low-weight vacuum reefers Energy efficient food transport to extend shelf life of food and reduce wastage. Latheacond Technologies Pte Ltd Energy
18 Plant ionisers for air purification Negative air ion emission planter systems to reduce airborne PM2.5 concentrations. Zero2.5 Biotech Pte Ltd Air & Cooling
19 Smart noise barrier Smart and tunable noise absorber to reduce noise pollution for specific frequency ranges. Temasek Laboratories Noise
20 Hydrogen fuel cells Renewable energy storage solution. EPS (S) Pte Ltd Energy
21 Hydrogel to lower humidity A gel that can be applied to surfaces to reduce relative humidity and improve thermal comfort. National University of Singapore Air & Cooling
22 Black soldier flies Organic waste converted using black soldier flies into animal feed and fertiliser for sustainable food production. National University of Singapore Waste Management
23 Urban farming on building walls Vegetable and rice growing using gable end walls of buildings. Netatech Pte Ltd Food & Nutrition
24 Perovskite solar energy glass panels Incorporating solar cells into glass building façades and windows to generate electricity. Prominence Photovoltaics Pte Ltd Energy
25 Solid state cooling fans Fans using solid state thermoelectric technology to provide indoor and outdoor cooling. Phononic, Inc Air & Cooling
26 Endangered species conservation Reproduction of endangered species using induced pluripotent stem cells. ESCAR Biodiversity
27 ‘Vortex’ fans Fans using the Vortex principle to provide indoor and outdoor cooling. Vortec Pte Ltd Air & Cooling
28 Quantum key distribution encryptor Quantum-safe encryption devices. S-Fifteen Pte Ltd Cybersecurity
29 Outdoor evaporative cooling Evaporative air coolers for outdoor spaces. Innosparks Pte Ltd Air & Cooling
30 Upcycling food waste Converting fermented food waste into fish feed. Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Food & Nutrition
31 Urban recirculation aquaculture system Indoor vertical system for high-volume fish production. Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Food & Nutrition
32 Bio-based pesticides Alternative pesticides based on plants and gene repression techniques. Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Infectious Disease Management
33 Therapeutics for viruses A quick response platform to produce therapeutics for mass disease outbreaks such as Dengue, and Zika. Tychan Pte Ltd Infectious Disease Management
34 Food waste tracker Image recognition technology to reduce food waste in hotels and commercial kitchen. Lumitics Waste Management
35 Community farming Stackable, closed-loop farming for high-volume food production. Edible Garden City Pte Ltd Food & Nutrition
36 Green roof for buses Buses with green roofs to reduce interior temperature and energy consumption. GWS Living Art Pte Ltd Air & Cooling
37 Fire monitoring analytics Ground fire activity monitoring through satellite imaging. National University of Singapore’s Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing Weather & Climate

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