A/Prof Goh Wooi Boon, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

A/Prof Goh Wooi Boon observed that most children seem to be more engaged and energetic when they are moving around and playing with their friends, and wondered if appropriate technologies could be developed to allow teachers to conduct lessons in a similar manner, with the goal of improving the engagement levels and motivation of students.

In a previous grant awarded in 2015, A/Prof Goh and his team conducted research which led to the development of the i-Tiles – a tool that encourages play, movement and collaboration in learning, accompanied with lesson designs that aimed to improve learning outcomes, sustain engagement and increase social interaction among children with special needs.

Qualitative evidence from field trials conducted in the pilot centre, MINDS Fernvale Garden School in 2018, showed an increase in students' engagement and motivation to learn than in regular classes.

The aims for this booster grant project, is to continue to refine the I-Tiles system, and see to the expanded deployment and scale up of the i-Tiles pedagogy among more classes within MINDS Fernvale Garden, as well as to more MINDS affiliated schools.

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