EQUAL (Equine-Assisted Learning)


Equestrian Federation of Singapore

EQUAL was a pilot programme that provided equine therapy for disadvantaged youths. The youths gained confidence and learn life skills through horse riding and caring for the horses and the programme also provided a new vocational pathway for youths who were interested in handling horses as a career.

The inspiration for the programme came from a local school that sent a few students with behavioural problems for horse-riding lessons. The students related well with the horses, felt responsible for them and shared their problems with their equine friends. In school, these students showed improvements in discipline, confidence and attendance rate.

Subsequently, EQUAL was established to focus on the rehabilitative and therapeutic potential of horses for vulnerable youths. Through horse riding and stable management, the programme aimed to equip youths with social, communications and other life skills. Learning specialists observed and guided the youths as well as tracked their progress.