Follow Edmund Chen as narrates the journey of a fish who travels across the ocean with a little red ball, and learns values from different fishes along the journey! 

In partnership with Nexus, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), we bring the enhanced Singapore, My Little Red Dot activity book and new companion adventure box to 89,000 pre-schoolers and 1,900 pre-schools, to help children learn about emergency preparedness and staying prepared, as well as values such as unity, teamwork, vigilance and resilience.  These are common values under our Stay Prepared initiative and Singapore’s Total Defence concept. 

Written and developed by local actor, author and illustrator Edmund Chen, the Singapore, My Little Red Dot story follows the adventure of a little fish who travels across the ocean with a little red ball and encounters different fish who teach values in a fun and engaging way. Through the story and accompanying hands-on activities, children will meet Resilient Mr Square, Prepared Mr Triangle and Vigilant Mr Round, and get to learn about the unity and teamwork of the fish in the neighbourhood. Parents and educators can use the book to spark conversations with their children about being prepared for the unexpected. At the end of the book, there are also tips for parents on what they can do to help their children cope with trauma that may accompany unexpected events, and where they can seek help.