In conjunction with Temasek’s annual Community Day on 25 June, Temasek Foundation first provided every resident of Singapore with a free MaskSafe kit, consisting of two reusable DET30™ antimicrobial masks.

This initiative saw two more rounds of masks distribution. At the last distribution from 30 November 2002 to 13 December 2020, Singapore residents could collect a free MaskFit kit each containing two black ProShield® reusable masks and three reusable filters.

All mask kits were available for collection from some 1,200 StayMasked vending machines at over 800 locations around the island.

This national distribution of reusable masks is a continued effort under the Stay Prepared StayMasked initiative to help our community stay safe sustainably, with convenient access to reusable antibacterial masks, and complements the earlier distributions of reusable masks by the Singapore Government.

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