The Liveability Challenge 2021

By 2050, global carbon emissions must reach net zero emissions to keep temperatures within a 1.5-degree Celsius rise from pre-industrial levels. Scientists regard this as critical to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

With more than 50 billion tonnes of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere annually, we need revolutionary ideas that will enable humanity to drastically reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions and its removal at scale.

At the same time, our disposable culture has exacerbated resource scarcity, and created a pollution crisis that threatens the natural ecosystems which we need to thrive. We need a circular economy to replace the existing linear model that is hugely wasteful and pollutive. How can we find solutions which are restorative and regenerative in design?

From 15 January to 15 April 2021, The Liveability Challenge is accepting proposals with the most disruptive, game-changing ideas that will help cities accelerate decarbonisation and address its resource challenges. Finalists will compete for the grand prize of up to S$1 million in grant funding for project development, with other exclusive prizes to be won!

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