COVID-19 Initiatives

A Race Against Time to Fight a Deadly Virus

“This has been a tough fight. With each new wave, we had to move quickly and adapt. Every time we thought we had the pandemic under control, the virus surprised us.”

Singapore's Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong

A Race Against Time to Fight a Deadly Virus

In the face of a pandemic of epic proportions, communities came together and stayed resilient to tide through the greatest crisis of our generation.

The distribution of essential items such as reusable masks, surgical masks, oximeters and hand sanitiser became synonymous with Temasek Foundation’s Stay Prepared programme, designed to keep the Singapore community safe and protected through the pandemic. Beyond Singapore, we continued to reach out to our neighbours through the provision of essential and medical supplies.

Enhancing Emergency Preparedness in Singapore and the Region


Staying masked is a critical step in keeping communities protected against the COVID-19 virus. Since the start of the pandemic, Temasek Foundation has distributed disposable and reusable masks to residents in Singapore.

In 2022, over 3 million reusable masks were redeemed through vending machines located across Singapore. Some 730,000 boxes of medical-grade surgical masks were collected by Singapore residents on health assistance or public assistance schemes.

Care Packs for Healthcare Workers

Keeping Young Children Engaged During Quarantine

Supporting International Efforts